“This is a very Christ-centered school. The healthy and organic teaching to my son has been exciting! He now teaches me about growing food and eating healthy! The teachers, especially his, have been patient and kind. They work with you – with love. The students are very good to one another. Paideia makes every effort to bring the parents together to form a small community. The events are always fun and full of new ways to stay healthy. We love it here, and we pray that God will continue to bless its growth.”
-The Fergusons, PCA Parents

“Both my wife and I feel great when we drop our son off in the morning at Paidieia, which is almost as important as he feels attending the school. We know he is in a safe, warm, nurturing environment where he is taught a respect for nature and the Earth, an appreciation for art and music, and most importantly how to treat his other classmates with true respect and kindness. We’re blessed to have found Paideia Classical Academy, and we’re proud to be a part of the first organic, green, classical, and Christian school in Florida.”
- Danijela & Stelios Findrilakis, PCA Parents

“My son started Paideia Classical Academy when he was 2.5 years old … My fear as a work-at-home parent was that he would have a hard time acclimating to a school environment at such an early age ... I feared that the school that I chose would not fit our parenting lifestyle. We are holistic in nature and choose a more organic (chemical free) environment. At this time, we considered ourselves “spiritual” but not “religious.” (It was) Perfect for his 2 year old developmental brain which gave him the confidence to grow and be the bright insightful independent child he currently is…. Another aspect that I love about this school is that the teachers stay with the students for a number of years allowing the relationship between teacher and student to blossom and to be used as a Mentor/Mentee type of relationship which also empowers the student.”
- Katy Twist-Harty, PCA Parent since 2012
(Full review located https://www.facebook.com/PaideiaClassicalAcademy?sk=reviews)

“This school is educational heaven!”
– Jaden, PCA Grammar Class Student

"Our family feels blessed to be a part of Paideia Classical Academy. PCA nurtures the spiritual, emotional, and physical part of each child in an organic setting. The school does not expect every child to fit in a traditional learning environment. Each child's individual learning style is honored and developed in the classroom. The teachers are passionate, positive, and deliver results."
- Mia Geraci, PCA Parent

"Best school ever! All schools should be like this one! Best teachers in America!"
- Zahra, PCA Parent

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