Day Camp




9:00 AM to 3:00 PM daily during winter, spring, and summer breaks (TBD)



Summer Camp is held at our beautiful 10 acre campus from June to August.

We will also be offering the day camp during the winter and springs breaks with enough interest from our families and community members. 

If interested, please contact the office as soon as possible for planning!  



PCA Summer Camp Schedule 2016 Schedule


WEEK 1 Geography.  "Traveling around the climate zones."

WEEK 2  History

WEEK 3  Gardening

WEEK 4  Languages

WEEK 5  Science          

WEEK 6  Sports & Nutrition


Interested in Gap Care (2 weeks between school ending and camp beginning/3 weeks after camp ends and school begins)

**We will also offer remedial/advanced tutoring for English, Math and Reading.


TUITION AND FEES for Summer Camp

One-time Registration Fee:  $50

Weekly:  $175 ($100 discount if you register for the whole summer and pay in full)

Daily:  $40

Sibling Discount:  10% off second child

Early Care 8:00AM-9:00AM:  Weekly:  $40/Daily:  $15

After Care 3:00PM-6:00PM:  Weekly:  $75/Daily:  $20

Organic Lunches Available: $6 per lunch and $1 for juice or water

To register Click Here or call 954.974.1121