(2) 8 count boxes of Crayola Crayons Large Size
(2) 8 count Crayola or watercolor paint
(1) box of Crayola "Washable Kids Paint" (6 pack 2 oz. bottles or larger)
(4) glue sticks
(1) large pack of construction paper (no tear out pads)
(1) large pack of watercolor paper
(1) ream of 8.5 x 11 white copy paper
(1) package of (4) Playdough brand dough (no modeling clay)
(1) crayon/pencil box (PLEASE LABEL STUDENT'S NAME)
(1) art smock
(2) sturdy folders with pockets (PLEASE LABEL STUDENTS NAME)
(3) boxes of facial tissue
(2) rolls of paper towels
(2) bottles of natural/organic, chemical-free liquid or foam hand soap
(2) packages of unscented baby wipes
(2) passport size photos (you can simply trim to size: approx. 2" x 1.5")
(1) full change of clothes in gallon Ziploc bag. Please label bag and clothing.
(1) backpack (large enough to hold a standard folder/no "mini" backpacks,          


***If your child will be napping at school, please include one of the following:
-sleeping bag (easier)
-blanket and sleeping mat



(1)  Children blunt-end scissors (Fiskars metal, not plastic)

(2)  24-count boxes Crayola crayons (only 24 counts please)

(2)  8-count Crayola washable classic basic color markers

(1)  8-count Crayola water colors (only 8 counts please)

(1)  Crayola assorted washable paints (each bottle is 2oz size, not the flip top ones)

(1)  large bottle of Elmer’s washable school glue (7.625oz)

(1)  watercolor pad

(1)   package non-bleed craft tissue paper

(3)  Plastic 2-pocket folders (No 3-ring insert, solid colors)

(4)  Pink Pearl eraser

(12)  yellow wood pencils

(3)  roll of paper towels

(3)  box of facial tissue

(1)  package of heavyweight construction paper (40 count or more, No tear out


(2)  reams/package of white copier paper

(1)  smock for art class w/ student’s name on it

(3)  bottle of organic hand soap

(1)  Box of gallon-size plastic Zip-lock bags (with zipper closing)

(1)  Box of sandwich-size plastic Zip-Lock bags

(2)  Primary Composition Book (Book has a blank space on top and then    

       handwriting lines)

(2)  Primary Composition Book (Book has all blue and red lines)

(1)  Refillable water bottle, non-spill, No Characters. to be filled at home daily  

       and brought to school.

(1)  Regular size backpack -No characters (folder, lunch and water bottle must   

       fit inside)           

(1)  Full change of clothes in Ziploc-type bag with name on clothes and outside

       of bag

Primary (1st & 2nd Grade)

(1) Planner (weekly 2017-2018)
(2) Pencils-12 counts/each

(1) Erasers
(2) Rulers
(1) Sharpener
(2) Composition Notebooks
(1 pack) Wide Ruled Paper
(2) Folders with pockets
(1) Colored Pencils

(1) Crayons
(2) Glue Sticks
(1) Kid-Friendly Scissors
(1) Pencil Box
(1) Pencil Pouch
(2 boxes) Tissues
(1) All Natural Liquid Hand Soap

(1) Paper Towel roll

(1) Seven generation disinfecting wipes

(1) Smock for Art

(1) Ream of white copier paper
(1) Mosquito Repellent & Sunscreen (Natural and organic as per school policy)

Grammar (3rd-5th Grade)

(1)  24 count Crayola crayons

(1) 12-count colored pencils (labeled with student’s name)

(2) bright highlighters in different colors

(1) box of washable markers, minimum 8 counts

(2) red pens

(1) blue pen

(1) black pen

(8) black & white composition notebooks (wide-ruled)

(4) wide-ruled spiral notebooks, single subject

(4) math (graph) notebooks

(8) plastic folders with prongs & pockets (labeled with student’s name)

(2) packages of wide-ruled notebook paper

(1)  pack of index cards

(5) boxes of facial tissue

(2) rolls of paper towels

(1) bottle of school glue

(1) pair of scissors

(4) large erasers

(1) pencil sharpener (labeled with student’s name)

(2) 24-count box of #2 yellow pencils

(1) wooden ruler (inches & centimeters)

(1) drawing pad (minimum 50 sheets)

(1) smock or a clean, large shirt for Art with student’s name on collar

(1) small geometry kit (protractor, 45-degree triangle, 60-degree triangle, an a

     compass) (labeled with student’s name)

(1) package of mechanical pencils (optional)

(2) ream of white copy paper 

(1) package construction paper 

(2)  bottle of natural or organic soap (Seventh Generation preferred)

(2) natural (chemical-free) hand sanitizer

(1) Post-it pack

(1) black Sharpie (permanent marker)

(1) large pencil box

(1) Weekly Planner August 2017-June 2018 (Very Important!


LOGIC (6th -8th)

(8) Box of facial tissues 

(2) Rolls of paper towels              

(1) Bottle of natural or organic hand soap

(1) Container of chemical-free hand sanitizer

(1) Daily/Weekly/Monthly Planner August 2017-June 2018

(1) 12-pack of color pencils- labeled with student’s name          

(1) Pencil Sharpener

(1) 12-pack of Markers (labeled with the student’s name)                                                

(1) Pair of scissors (labeled with the student’s name)                                                         

(1) Scientific calculator (7th grade and up ONLY-  TI-83 or TI-84)-labeled

(1) Wooden ruler (inches & centimeters)-labeled with student’s name

(1) Small Geometry Kit (protractor, 45 & 60-degree triangle, metal compass)

(6) graph paper notebooks                                                             

(2) Package of 4x6 note cards, lined  

(2) package of 3x5 note cards, blank

(2) Index Card box (1- 3x5; 1- 4x6)

(10) Tab Index dividers                            

(3) Packages of mechanical pencils              

(2) Large erasers      

(1) Container-100 counts of Paper Clips Standard size                                          

(2) Gel red pens

(1) Blue Pen                          

(10) Composition books

(10) Spiral notebooks, single subject

(2) Reams of white copy paper

(1) Pack of graph paper

(1) Pack of construction paper

(1) Drawing pad (min. 50 sheets)-THIS IS NOT an ART Supply!

(1) 24- count box of #2 pencils (Ticonderoga preferred)

 (1) Three ring binders, 3”

(1) Roll of 3M clear tape

(1) Large used shirt for art class-label student’s name on collar

(1) package of loose leaf notebook paper

(2) Highlighters in different colors

(1) Black fine point Sharpie

(1) Blue fine point Sharpie

(1) Pencil pouch or box

(1) bottle of school glue

(2) Glue Sticks

(6) pocket & prongs folders


*** ONLY for RETURNING PAIDEIA STUDENTS: 1 Fountain Pen (medium or fine nib preferred) and 1 bottle of ink (shades of blue, brown, gray, or dark green).


Please feel free to address any question you may have via Email directly to the Academic Coordinator, Mrs. Bianca Goean-Keely @


RHETORIC (9th -12th)

(1) Wood ruler/12” Metric/Standard

(2) 4x6 lined index cards (100 count)

(1) Paper Clip Standard Size-100 count

(1) Daily/Weekly/Monthly Planner August 2017-June 2018

(2) 5 Dividers with multi-colored tabs

(2) Dixon Oriole Pencil No 2 soft-(dozen)

(1) Pencil sharpener (2 hole)

(3) Packages of mechanical pencils

(1) Pencil Pouch, mesh front, ring binder holes

(2) Large Erasers

(2) Elmer’s glue sticks small/white (.21oz)

(1) Papermate blue pens (single)

(1) Construction paper Assorted colors 9x12 heavy weight

(1) Small Geometry Kit (protractor, 45 & 60-degree triangle, metal compass)

(2) Ream of white copy paper

(1) Pack of graph filler paper 5x5

(3) Filler paper 150CT wide rule

(10) I Scholar comp book/WR/100 page

(6) Quad Spiral notebook 4x4 100 sheet or more

(6) Poly folder (pocket and prongs)

(1) Scotch Transparent Tape, ½ inx450in (w/dispenser)

(1) Sanford yellow Highlighter

(1) Sanford pink Highlighter

(1) Crayola marker 12 count (broad line)

(1) Crayola colored pencils 12 count

(1) Sharpie black marker

(1) Sharpie blue marker

(1) Drawing pad/doodle pad

(1) Fiskar Schoolworks 7” scissors

(1) Germ X Alcohol Free Foaming Hand sanitizer/ chemical-free liquid or foam

      hand soap

(8) Kleenex tissue (100 count)

(2) Paper towel rolls

(1) Index card box (4”x 6”)

(1) Large used shirt for art class-label student’s name on collar

(1) Fountain pen and bottle of ink

(1) TI-83 or TI-84 Calculator